03/25/2015 9:00AM - 03/25/2015 10:00AM


Forward-looking enterprises are always searching for quicker ways to develop new software applications that can sharpen their competitive edge. Because, let’s face it, the usual process of software development can take forever (they don’t call it 'development hell' for nothing).

Old SCADA software makes development relatively simple for non-programmers but it’s too limited to really work as an enterprise-wide development solution. But what if you could combine the drag-and-drop simplicity of SCADA with the straightforward licensing and deployment of IT?

Watch the upcoming webinar from Inductive Automation to find out why The New SCADA has everything your enterprise needs to build anything.

What you’ll learn:

• How rapid application development (RAD) tools let you build a SCADA project without scripting
• What it’s like to work on separate applications and modules within a single design environment
• How to spend more time on project definition and less time on implementation
• How connectivity between PLC data and SQL databases enables you to build innovative applications throughout the enterprise
• Why it’s best to develop on a modular SCADA platform

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