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Learn From the Experts

Get trained by the people who support and configure Ignition daily. From fundamental lessons on alarming and historical data logging to advanced concepts like scripting, you’ll learn key Ignition skills and how to apply them to real-world automation projects.

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Get World-Class Training, From Wherever You Are

Beyond the in-person and virtual classes we offer from our headquarters in Folsom, CA, there are plenty of ways to access Ignition training in your time zone and language. Our robust training schedule features courses hosted at our Australia office, along with classes led by trusted distributors and Authorized Training Providers (ATPs) all around the world.

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“I don't think I could have done what I did without that background of the training classes and just having a tool at my disposal that let me build this entirely new system for an entirely new country and an entirely new plant.”

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Ignition Certification

Validate Your Knowledge

Whether you’re leveraging Ignition for small in-house solutions or using it to manage an entire enterprise, becoming certified brings more credibility and client confidence to your work. The advantages are even greater for integrators, as certification opens the door to gaining higher visibility on our Integrator Search with each certification level.

Become Core Certified

Developing your aptitude in Ignition and earning certification is quick and convenient. With two ways to become Core Certified that can fit into your busy schedule, you could soon be showcasing your knowledge and reaping the rewards of certification. Choose the method that works best for you.

Two Ways to Become Core Certified

Core Certification Course

Learn the ins and outs of Ignition and earn your Core Certification through one week-long course with in-person and virtual options. These in-depth lessons and labs taught by Ignition experts are the best way to develop your Ignition skills.

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Core Certification Test

If you’re already proficient in Ignition and looking to get Core Certified, you can skip the classes and take our online Core test to get certified more quickly. Curious how you’ll do? Review the study guide to see if you’re ready.

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Become Gold Certified

Distinguish your Ignition expertise by becoming
Gold Certified. This sets you apart as a top-level expert of Ignition and is a requirement for any integrator before they can achieve Premier status. Complete an advanced Ignition course or the Gold Certification test to verify your knowledge within professional networks, and establish credibility to rise to the top of your field.

Two Ways to Become Gold Certified

Advanced Course

If you’re already Core Certified, you can take one of our advanced courses (Database & Scripting or Perspective) to earn your Gold Certification. These in-depth lessons with lab work are the best way to elevate your expertise in the platform.

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Gold Certification Test

If you already have experience with Ignition and are Core Certified, you can skip the classes and take our Gold test to get certified. Reach out to your account representative or call Sales at 1-800-266-7798 to purchase a test or for more information.

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Ignition Training & Certification Benefits

Ignition certifications are valid for three years and offer you the following benefits and more.

Get More From Ignition

Discover new ways to leverage Ignition, unlock better workflows, and fine-tune fundamentals.

Gain Employer/Client Confidence

Validate your skills and earn badges that prove to employers or clients that your skills match their job requirements.

Get Noticed & Stand Out

Getting certified can help your Integrator Search listing stand out, making it easier for interested end users to find you.

Raise Your Integrator Level

Earn additional credibility and establish your integration company as Ignition experts by having more team members get certified.

Gain Productivity

Increase your team's Ignition proficiency to enable efficiency and boost productivity.

Get a Leg Up

Open the door to new opportunities by amplifying your current Ignition skills and learning new ones.

More Resources

Explore more ways to learn about Ignition through free online instruction, videos, podcasts, documentation, and more.

Inductive University

Explore the hundreds of videos in our open lesson library for free.

Resource Library

Gain knowledge with blogs and articles, webinars, case studies, and more.


Dive into details with manuals, release info, configuration help, and more.

Training & Certification FAQs

How much does training cost? Expand to show answer

Due to factors like differences in course topic or duration, prices may vary. Please refer to the course details for more information.

Does attending a training course include Ignition Certification? Expand to show answer

Yes, you can earn certification by attending Inductive Automation and Distributor-led training classes. Ignition Core Training courses grant Core Certification while advanced courses like Perspective and Databases and Scripting grant Gold Certification (Gold Certification can only be earned if you are already Core Certified).

What are Authorized Training Providers (ATP)? Expand to show answer

The Authorized Training Provider (ATP) program extends the reach of Ignition training by partnering with qualified organizations from all over the world. ATPs are led by Ignition experts who have been certified in Ignition and authorized to use official training materials developed by Inductive Automation. Inductive Automation will only endorse courses from centers that meet our standards for quality. ATP courses do not grant Ignition Certification.

Can I become certified through an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) course? Expand to show answer

No. Authorized Training Provider (ATP) courses do not grant certification for either Core or Gold levels and cannot be taken in place of Inductive Automation or distributor-led classes.

How long does my certification last? Expand to show answer

There's no annual fee for certification, and all certification levels are granted for a three year period starting when your certification is earned. When your expiration nears, you can sign up for a shorter certification update class, or take a test that covers pertinent new material.

Questions or concerns about the test? Expand to show answer

Please contact Training at

I purchased a Core Certification Test. How long do I have to complete it? Expand to show answer

Core Certification tests must be completed within 30 days of the date of purchase. If you’ve purchased a test and are unable to complete it in the allotted time, contact

What’s the difference between an IU Credential and Ignition Certification? Expand to show answer

An IU Credential is awarded upon completion of the free online courses at Inductive University. The purpose of an IU Credential is to help showcase your Ignition knowledge, individually or as part of the Integrator Program. Ignition Certification is not granted through Inductive University and can only be earned through training classes offered by IA and authorized Ignition distributors or a certification test. The purpose of Ignition Certification is to help establish individuals and integrators as experts in the platform and is required for any integrator before achieving Certified, Gold, and Premier status.

Is an IU Credential required before becoming certified? Expand to show answer

No. While we recommend completing the courses offered at Inductive University to familiarize yourself with topics addressed in training, a credential is not required to become certified.

Are test discounts available for universities in IA's Educational Engagement Program? Expand to show answer

Professors teaching Ignition to their students as part of our Educational Engagement Program are eligible to receive a free certification test (Core or Gold). This free test must be approved by the Educational Engagement Program Manager.

Where can I find more information on the content of Certification Tests and training courses? Expand to show answer

Core and Gold Certification Test study guides, as well as training course itineraries, can be found at