Easily Add the Power of the Cloud
to Your Ignition® Architecture

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The Power of Ignition.

The Convenience of
The Cloud.

Cloud computing can be complex. Ignition Cloud Edition makes it easy to add the power and flexibility of the cloud to your Ignition solutions. Extend your enterprise operations, leverage elastic architectures that instantly scale up or down, and securely host and deploy solutions on the world's most trusted cloud platforms. All on a pay-as-you-go plan that’s available to purchase from the world's biggest cloud providers.

The Architecture

Ignition Elevates Your Enterprise at Every Level

If you've ever dreamed of having one platform for total system integration, that's Ignition. It runs anywhere your data and devices exist — on-premise, at the edge of your network, and all the way up to the cloud. With Ignition and complementary editions like Cloud Edition and Edge working together, enterprises can create a fully integrated system to connect all your people, processes, and programs for true digital transformation.

Ignition Cloud Edition leverages the power of the largest cloud platforms, AWS and Azure, allowing you to easily tap into additional services and flexibility.

The standard Ignition platform has a full range of drivers and tools to connect to any device and develop applications for SCADA, HMI, MES and more.
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Ignition Edge runs on embedded devices and offers edge computing and data collection from remote sites.
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Hybrid Architectures: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid solutions utilizing Ignition and Cloud Edition offer the best of both worlds. The standard Ignition platform provides robust features and rock-solid reliability for on-premise-specific functions such as controls or industrial data acquisition. Ignition Cloud Edition can offer the vast computing and storage capabilities of the cloud.


A Simpler Way To Leverage More Cloud Capabilities

While Cloud Edition retains most of standard Ignition's qualities, it also differs in a few important ways. Cloud Edition comes packaged with a bundle of modules, does not include drivers, and is on a pay-as-you-go model. Focused on leveraging services from major cloud providers (machine learning, business intelligence tools, etc.), it extends on-premise data and enterprise operations, and brings elasticity to your architecture.

Extend Your Operations and Possibilities

Ignition Cloud Edition is only available for purchase through AWS and Microsoft Azure, and is fully hosted and deployed on their cloud platforms. Now it's easier than ever to integrate Ignition with the full range of predictive analytics and machine learning services offered by AWS and Azure.

Gain Elasticity in Your Architecture

With Cloud Edition, there’s no need to purchase expensive server hardware. And, the servers are maintained by the cloud provider. So when you need more computing power, the cloud servers can auto-scale to your needs. This eliminates the need to invest in server hardware upfront, enabling you to develop and deploy applications faster.

Scale Your Storage

With the cloud, you can easily add data storage whenever needed. It scales with you, so you can grow at your own pace without others worrying about losing access to your stored data.

New Ways To Purchase & Pay For Ignition

Unlike the standard Ignition platform, where you pay by the module you use, with Ignition Cloud Edition, you pay by your hourly usage.


Cloud Edition is sold in a bundle that includes select Ignition modules. With this model, you only pay for how much you use, so you can scale your usage to fit your needs over time.

Use OpEx Instead of CapEx

Because Cloud Edition is sold through cloud providers, you can use part of your company’s operating expenditure budget allotted for cloud services instead of your capital expenditure budget. This flexibility makes it easier to fit Cloud Edition into your organization’s annual budget.

Cloud Edition is Not SaaS

Although the payment model is similar to SaaS, Cloud Edition is not a SaaS version of Ignition because it's not a service. Cloud Edition users are responsible for configuration, backup, and upgrades of the software.

Included Modules

Pre-Loaded with Powerful Modules

Unlike standard Ignition, Cloud Edition comes packaged with a bundle of modules that are already installed and licensed. Instead of paying for each module used, you pay for how much time you use Cloud Edition. While it does not contain drivers, Cloud Edition includes both MQTT and OPC-UA functionality to enable connectivity with your standard Ignition or Ignition Edge installations. So, it's easy to extend on-premise data into the cloud and connect it with various cloud services.

Core Modules Included in Cloud Edition

Cloud Edition comes packaged with Ignition Core modules to create virtually any kind of industrial automation solution, including SCADA, IIoT, MES and beyond.

Ignition Perspective Module

The visualization module for mobile-responsive industrial applications. Easily build visually stunning applications for monitoring and control using HTML5 for any size of screen.

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SQL Bridge Module

Bridge the gap between OPC data and SQL databases and get a highly efficient transaction manager. Easily log data, call stored procedures, and synchronize data bi-directionally.

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OPC UA Module

This module serves as a totally cross-platform OPC UA server and client implementation.

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Reporting Module

Create dynamic, database-driven PDF reports with pixel-perfect layouts — with ease.

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Enterprise Administration Module (EAM)

The EAM provides a secure and intuitive way to manage many Ignition installations from one location.

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Tag Historian Module

Turn a SQL database into a high-performance time-series tag historian that enables powerful data aggregation with easy storage, table management, and query binding.

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Alarm Notification Module

Configure the logic for how, why, and when alarm notifications are delivered, manage alarm notification for groups of users, and send notifications via email.

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Additional Modules Included in Cloud Edition

Cloud Edition also includes several other modules from Inductive Automation and strategic partner Cirrus Link Solutions to help you add even more specialized features and functions to your Ignition system.

Web Development Module

Allows users to directly program against the web server inside the Ignition Gateway.

Twilio Notification Module

Adds integration with Twilio via an SMS Alarm Notification Profile and scripting functions to send SMS.

MQTT Engine Module for Ignition

Bidirectionally communicate with edge-of-network devices securely via an MQTT Server. Create one pipeline for all your IIoT data that increases data throughput and efficiencies.

Full product details
MQTT Distributor Module for Ignition

Adds an MQTT server to the Ignition platform that enables MQTT clients to securely connect, publish, and subscribe to data.

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MQTT Transmission Module for Ignition

Use Ignition to publish data from the edge of the network by taking Ignition tag change events and publish them as MQTT messages to an MQTT server.

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Cloud Connector Modules Included in Cloud Edition

Cloud Edition also comes packaged with new Ignition Cloud Connector Modules, which offer connectivity to popular cloud technologies. The Cloud Connector Modules are also available for purchase and use with your standard Ignition installation. As new Cloud Connector Modules become available, Cloud Edition users will automatically get them when they upgrade their running instances.

MongoDB Module

Add connectivity to MongoDB for flexible document data models and a NoSQL database. Easily store, index, retrieve, and query data or tags for use in reports.

More Cloud Connector Modules Coming Soon

As new Cloud Connector Modules become available, Cloud Edition users will automatically get them when they upgrade their running instances.

Backed by IA's TotalCare Support

Inductive Automation is ready to help when you have questions or need support. Ignition Cloud Edition comes with our TotalCare Support, which offers you unlimited phone and web support, upgrade protection, discounts on training courses, and more. Simply activate TotalCare Support through your cloud platform ID, and you're covered.

Ignition in the Cloud

More Ways to Use
Ignition in the Cloud

While Cloud Edition gives you the option to buy directly from major cloud providers and run it directly on their platforms, there are other ways to use Ignition in the cloud. In fact, many companies have been combining the capabilities of Ignition and the cloud for years.

Use Standard Ignition
in the Cloud

Use Ignition to build applications and solutions yourself. Host and deploy them locally with your own systems and on your own infrastructure.

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Get Help from an Inductive Automation Solution Partner

Use Inductive Automation's Solution Partner 4IR Solutions for a fully managed cloud infrastructure solution. Their team handles everything from connections and management all the way to hosting and deployment. They manage updates, monitor system health, and provide 24/7 support.

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