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News / June 24, 2005

FactorySQL 2.0 Released

FactorySQL version 2.0 released with more features.

Inductive Automation announces the release of its FactorySQL version 2.0. FactorySQL is a PLC to SQL database interaction engine suitable for small and large data logging applications. A new twist, however, is its ability to bi-directionally mirror PLC addresses and SQL database fields. This effectively turns SQL databases into tag databases which now makes web HMIs a reality using standard web technologies.

FactorySQL version 2.0 builds on the easy to use functionality of version 1.0 with even more powerful features such as remote administration, mixed group modes, improved data engine and much more.

Developers will appreciate the many new features which further reduce configuration time. These features include item drag and drop between groups, search and replace, group cloning, import and exporting, property intersection configuration, and much more.

Another powerful new feature is a built-in alarm server. The alarm server is highly configurable with unlimited alarm states and email alerting. The email alerting can annunciate full alarm details on cell phones and pagers.

FactorySQL can now be downloaded and run with full functionality. The evaluation version allows multiple two hours sessions during which time projects can be developed and saved.

For more information please contact Inductive Automation toll free at 800-266-7798.