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News / December 01, 2010

Ignition 7.2 Will Increase Performance & User Efficiency

Increased performance and user efficiency is the focus of the next release of Ignition by Inductive Automation. The new release, version 7.2, will offer a variety of incremental improvements to the platform and modules.

Ignition 7.2 will be available in January, 2011. All licensed Ignition customers will be eligible to upgrade their corresponding modules at no cost.

The new release will offer many improvements that span all parts of the system. Some of the highlights include:

New Stage-and-Publish Project Mode
Ignition Vision projects can now be “staged” for testing before publishing to running clients. This allows project designers to edit and save freely, only pushing qualified updates to the production Vision Clients when satisfied.

Easier Editing Workspace
The Ignition Vision module has been given a new editing workspace that dramatically enhances designer productivity. Tabbed window editing and a wide range of new user-interaction tools make the Ignition Vision design process more familiar to new users. Existing users will appreciate the more responsive feel of the editing system and the simplified management of window sizing.

Improved Clustering Framework
Clustering has been reworked and enhanced to provide easier setup, greater reliability and more features focused on the core use cases observed in the field. The new system uses dedicated master and backup nodes, making the cluster easier to understand, more fault-tolerant, and quicker to fail-over.

Enhanced Designer Experience
In addition to the new Vision workspace, many other improvements have been made to the Ignition designer. A new search-and-replace system makes it easier to modify large projects, and increased performance improves response time on many long-running operations, such as importing SQLTags from a device.

Sneak Preview Webinar on December 8
In addition to the major updates listed above, many small improvements have been made to virtually every part of the platform. On Dec. 8, Inductive Automation will discuss Ignition 7.2, along with two new modules scheduled for release in early 2011. Register now for the webinar, “2011 Sneak Preview: Tracking OEE, Downtime & Mobile Access.”

Ignition by Inductive Automation delivers unprecedented value to companies large and small. Many diverse architectures are possible, from a stand-alone HMI to large-scale, geographically distributed installations. Ignition's fully-functional demo HMI / SCADA software download is available for free.