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News / September 09, 2013

Ignition Mobile Module Updates Released

Features More Reliable Network Connection, Java 7 Compatibility, and More

Inductive Automation recently updated the Ignition Mobile Module to improve users' access to Ignition-created HMI / SCADA and MES projects and real-time, plant-floor data through smartphones and tablet devices.

The Ignition Mobile Module is now more reliable and secure, and easier to use and view on a variety of mobile devices. It now includes:

  • A more reliable network connection - The mobile client now recovers automatically from network errors such as timeouts. If the network connection is lost, a reconnection screen appears until it is re-established.
  • Java 7 compatibility - The module is now compatible with (and requires) Java 7. (Note: Java 6 is no longer supported for launching mobile clients.)
  • Auto-fit mode - A vastly improved auto-fit mode that correctly detects and adjusts to the browser size of mobile devices.
  • On-screen keyboard - An improved, on-screen keyboard that makes input consistent across all mobile devices and automatically appears any time that a text component is focused.
  • On-the-fly screen rotation - The mobile client now detects when the screen orientation changes between portrait and landscape, and automatically rotates when in fit-to-device mode.

The Ignition Mobile Module now also provides users with a newly redesigned menu bar that replaces the previous circular menu, the ability to define session timeouts, set client tags from URL parameters, and other improvements.

With the Ignition Mobile Module installed on a central Ignition Gateway server, it can be accessed by mobile devices with a modern web browser and Wi-Fi connection (no app installation is required). To buy or try it now, click here.

About Ignition:
Ignition by Inductive Automation® is a software platform with a variety of HMI / SCADA and manufacturing execution systems (MES) modules that can be mixed and matched depending on the needs of industrial automation companies. The system is very flexible in creating custom HMI, SCADA and MES applications in industries such as food, beverage, oil, gas, packaging, pharmaceutical, and water / waste water.

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