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News / September 23, 2013

Inductive Automation Announces Track and Trace Module

Upcoming Release to Include WIP and Genealogy Features

Inductive Automation, a rapidly growing innovator in the industrial automation software industry, announced the upcoming release of the Track and Trace Module for its software platform Ignition by Inductive Automation®. MES Product Manager Tom Hechtman made the announcement on September 17th during the 2013 Ignition Community Conference in Folsom, Calif.

The Track and Trace Module will bring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), statistical process control (SPC), recipe and enterprise resource planning (ERP) information together into one interface. The new module will also offer work in process (WIP) functionality, which is not included with most other traceability solutions on the market, and a genealogy feature to track all data on the origin of the product. These capabilities will enable manufacturers to precisely pinpoint where materials are within the manufacturing process and what the next steps are, without the time-intensive effort of recording traceability information on paper.

Inductive Automation anticipates it will release the Track and Trace Module in late 2013. It will be the latest addition to the Ignition manufacturing execution system (MES) module suite, which currently includes the OEE Downtime, SPC, Scheduling, Recipe / Changeover and Instrument Interface modules.

About Ignition: Ignition by Inductive Automation® is a software platform with a variety of HMI / SCADA and MES modules that can be mixed and matched depending on the needs of industrial automation companies. The system is used to create custom HMI, SCADA and MES applications in industries such as food, beverage, oil, gas, packaging, pharmaceutical and water / waste water. As of 2013, 20% of Fortune 500 companies and 27% of Fortune 100 companies use Inductive Automation software.

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